Welcome to Digital Mindfulness

We help people and companies innovate and thrive in an age of digital distraction and information overload; because the way we connect matters.

Bring Digital Mindfulness to your Organisation

Using the principles of neuroscience, psychology, Human-computer Interaction, mindfulness and emotional intelligence, the Digital Mindfulness Programme is a mixture of online learning and in-person coaching to best develop people’s capacities to live and work well with technology. This way, participants will be able to take the principles of the course into their daily lives and have permanent access to the materials.

The Digital Mindfulness Programme creates a space for people to develop the skills in order to live a healthier, happier, more productive lives with technology, and in digitised society. We blend the practices of mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience and Human-Computer Interaction to develop resilience, emotional intelligence, wellness, creativity and productivity in the digital age, optimal brain health, conscious communication, and stress management.

Developing our capacity for inner clarity and wisdom to manage our lives in the digital age is critical. Our workplaces, homes and digitised societies are having an adverse effect on our health and capacity for creative, innovative and compassionate thinking and living. The emotional, and behavioural skills we desperately need to live and work fruitfully with others in our digitised world are more important than ever.

Decreased Tech-induced Stress

Increased productivity

Better relationships

Better teams (virtual and in-person)

Conflict Resolution

Enhanced Focus / Attention

More Creative

Enhanced Digital Communication

Better Physical Health

Emotional Resilience