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International Day of Digital Peace

March 31 2017 #digitalpeace

Our digital world has benefitted our lives in ways that were inconceivable only a few short years ago. We can effortlessly connect with people all over the world at the speed of thought, for free. Our digital connections, and the content we share, can inspire peace, positive emotions, inspiration or motivation in people we are yet to meet, on the other side of the world. The way we use digital tools and services, can create a better, more peaceful world.

However, the digital world is a polluted place. Trolling and cyberbullying are persistent problems and cause untold emotional and psychological damage to the people who are the subject of online hate. The global media abound with stories of internet addiction, FOMO and digital distraction as part of everyday life that people recognise, but struggle to remedy. The human race is more connected than ever before and, at the same time, disconnected. The online space can be as hurtful and injurous as any physical place, sometimes even more so.

The International Day of Digital Peace is an initiative created by Digital Mindfulness. Taking place on 31st March 2017 our aim is to institutionalise one day of the year when violence and conflict in all their forms cease online, and acts of benevolence shared amongst the people of the world for 24 hours.

Join us in March, when people around the world can contribute to creating a digital world of peace.

Why Is The International Day of Digital Peace Important?

For over 30 years, studies have shown that our emotions are profoundly influenced by the time we spend online. Our brains interpret emotional pain and distress in exactly the same way as physical pain. The International Day of Digital Peace is a platform to inspire global peace and psychological wellbeing for a digitised age. On this day, people can easily and profoundly demonstrate benevolence and kindness on a global scale. 

At Digital Mindfulness, we believe that people have the means, literally at our fingertips, to make our world a better place. For one day, in place of hatred and pain, we can spread benevolence, helping everyone in the world feel more emotionally connected.

The world is long overdue a day when global society solely focused on creating and spreading benevolence online. The ripple effects of such a day will have a profound impact on the psychological and physical health of billions of people. It is ambitious and more than a bit crazy, but it can be achieved.

Together, we can deliberately improve the lives of billions of people around the world, and that is something worth striving for.

Join us and the rest of the global community as, together, we create peace in our digitised lives.

How Can I Get Involved?

keep in touch

Be Inspired

Watch films and read posts from digital peace makers around the world. People from around the world share their thoughts on one question: How will you share kindness online?”

Work Together

Join one of our partnerships and work with like-minded organisations to institutionalise a day of digital kindness.

Teach Digital Kindness

In the workplace, in the classroom, at home; we can empower people around us to be digital peacemakers. Download our webinars, lesson plans and resources.