Technological Unemployment Conference

London May 12 2016


Innovations in the digital age have led to the complete reimagining and revitalisation of all sectors of the economy, fundamentally transforming the way we live and work. However, another trend is accelerating: the potential impact of technological unemployment, as rapid digitisation results in widespread job loss. While global productivity has increased, real wages and growth in low and middle-skilled jobs have stagnated as digitisation has taken over the role of many repetitive physical and cognitive tasks.

From artificial intelligence to 3-D printing, to driverless cars, it is predicted that many thousands of jobs around the global economy will be lost to digitisation.

The Digital Mindfulness Technological Unemployment Summit will gather leading consultants, economists and decision-makers to discuss what these shifts mean for businesses, and workers around the world and how to respond to major changes in the employment landscape.


To be announced

Gain a better understanding of the factors affecting technological unemployment and what businesses and individuals can do to mitigate negative consequences

Learn what leading thinkers believe can be done to both enhance the workforce and digital innovation

Connect with stakeholders from different industry sectors to share crucial knowledge. Since one of the most important aspects of learning is being able to discuss our ideas and relate them to real-world business, there will be a complimentary private networking dinner after the Summit.

Impact of Technology on the Workplace: Insights into the impacts that technology has on the modern workplace

Working Towards a Better Future: How can companies and governments provide people with the right skills to thrive in the coming economy?

The Future of Work: What will future jobs look like? Will they be so different from what we have at the moment?

In the future economy, how can humans and corporations be valuable and find a competitive advantage in the new economy?

The Technological Unemployment Summit has cross-sector appeal. Businesses concerned about the potential impact of technological unemployment on their workforce and profitability will form the majority of the delegation.

Job titles include: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Head of Digital, Head of Human Resources, Head of Mobile, Learning and Development executive.