Human By Design

Join a digital community designing for time well spent.
April 11-12, 2019
London, UK

What Is Human By Design?

Human By Design is a two-day event for people who create digital products, lead product teams, or are responsible for the overall digital direction of your organisation. Join us to learn from like-minded professionals and an inspiring lineup of thought leaders about the impact time well spent experiences will have for your customers.

Connect with leaders from Google, LinkedIn, Ocado, and more showcasing how time well spent products and experiences can transform your brand.

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April 11: Day 1

Apps for Time Well Spent

How are time well spent app experiences created? Are the same principles used in one industry the same as others? How can you build a team that focuses on time well spent in your organization?

Day 1 focuses on app creators and showcases the ways time well spent experiences are created from the ground up in ways that benefit businesses and  the people using them.

April 12: Day 2

Time Well Spent Advertising & Marketing

Digital marketers and advertisers are under increasing pressure to create ‘meaningful’ content as platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple emphasize their determination to make sure that time on their platform is time well spent.  How then can businesses use these principles to better reach their customers? How can we create content that is consistently viewed as a time well spent experience?  

On Day 2, you will hear from prominent and innovative figures in digital marketing and advertising share their insights about ways to create content for time well spent.

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The Crystal

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to London!

Royal Victoria Dock, One Siemens Brothers Way

London E16 1GB

Be Kind And Respectful

Human By Design is committed to a harassment-free learning experience for everyone and expects all participants to adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Narrowing The Equality Gap

We’re taking the 50/50 pledge in an effort to bring gender equality to the industry and to this community.