Human By Design

Join the global digital community designing for time well spent.
April 11-12, 2019
London, UK

Human By Design is a two-day event for the creators of digital products, product team leaders, or are responsible for the overall digital direction of organisations. Join us in London to learn from like-minded professionals and an outstanding lineup of thought leaders about the impact time well spent experiences will have for your customers.

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April 11: Day 1

Design for People

Our world is customer-centric, and increasingly, consumer demand for conscious design, time well spent experiences, mindful design, or however it is termed, is getting louder. The demand for digital experiences that respect human attention, and de-emphasise CTRs, likes, and similar engagement metrics present designers with a tremendous opportunity for growth.

On Day 1, we focus on ways companies can better engage humans when creating digital experiences. You will hear from the developers and companies creating products who share innovative approaches to better connecting with people in an age of information overload, and digital distraction.

April 12: Day 2

Designing Products

What is the latest, most innovative thinking on the ways digital experiences are created to prioritise time well spent experiences? What works, and what doesn’t? How easily can the approaches used in one industry apply to others? How do you get senior buy-in to create digital products that may decrease engagement but elevate time well spent metrics?

On Day 2, we turn our attention to digital products, specifically the various ways innovative companies and developers around the world create time well spent experiences to benefit both businesses and their customers.

The Crystal

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to London!

Royal Victoria Dock, One Siemens Brothers Way

London E16 1GB

Be Kind And Respectful

Human By Design is committed to a harassment-free learning experience for everyone and expects all participants to adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Narrowing The Equality Gap

We’re taking the 50/50 pledge in an effort to bring gender equality to the industry and to this community.