Digital Wellness Festival Europe

Experience best practices, new technologies, and future trends in digital wellness.
26-27 April 2019
London, UK.

Welcome to the Digital Wellness Festival

Digital Mindfulness brings together the global digital wellness community, along with innovative brands, world-renown thought leaders and like-minded people to connect, share insights, and experience the very best the digital wellness industry has to offer.

The Digital Wellness Festival is a forum for people to come together, debate and experience current and future digital wellness trends.

This event is a unique opportunity to connect with peers, share experiences, and gain valuable insights and ideas.

Join us.

Learn From Global Digital Wellness Experts

Learn from the best in the industry about the biggest trends and issues impacting the digital wellness landscape. At the Digital Wellness Festival, you’ll get inspiring advice and ideas from global thought leaders, innovative startups and some of the biggest companies in the world. You’ll see how you can become your best self in our increasingly digitised world.

Immerse Yourself

Experience our range of workshops, talks, training sessions and much more from some of the best brands in the world. Bring your device, connect with likeminded people and share in the best global digital wellness has to offer. 

Digital Wellness Tracks


People are inundated with notifications, emails, screens and advertisements. In this track join us as we explore how cutting-edge technologies for the mind are increasingly helping us to focus, relax, and improve the quality of our mental health in our age of information overload.


The market for technologies that promise to help us improve our physical health, fitness and wellness is now worth billions. Join the biggest brands in the world as they share the stories of the ways that technology, sensors, and data help you become an improved version of you.


In a hyperconnected world, where screens, sensors, content and data collide to digitise our experiences of the home, office, gym, and more, we have the opportunity to design our spaces in a way that minimises interruptions, promotes privacy, and improve the human experience. Join world-leading experts as they share the latest developments in creating digitally mindful spaces.

Relationships & Community

Technology influences almost every aspect of our relationships with our loved ones, our society and ourselves. Leading brands and incredible thought leaders come together to discuss how digitally mindful technologies can improve the quality of our relationships.


All over the world, Governments and corporations are reacting to technology overuse and malpractice. France banned the use of smartphones in schools, the EU implemented GDPR, Apple shareholders demanded action over addictive devices, and Facebook’s stock price tumbled by $150b in the name of security and time well spent. We explore the important part that Governments, investors, company executives, and grassroots activists have to play in fostering a digitally mindful future.

The Future

What is the future for digital wellbeing? Is it a fad? Or is this a fundamental shift in the technological and social landscape? What technological and social shifts are on the horizon? Join forward-thinking companies, and thought-leaders as we share visions of the future of digital wellbeing and how we can continue to create our digital world so that it is digitally mindful.

Speakers to be announced soon!

The Crystal Centre


Royal Victoria Dock, One Siemens Brothers Way, London E16 1GB


Be Kind And Respectful

Digital Mindfulness is committed to a harassment-free learning experience for everyone and expects all participants to adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Narrowing The Equality Gap

We’re taking the 50/50 pledge in an effort to bring gender equality to the industry and to this community.