Digital Wellness Festival Europe

Experience best practices, new technologies, and future trends in digital wellness.
3-4 May 2019
London, UK.

Royal Victoria Dock, One Siemens Brothers Way, Royal Docks, London E16 1GB

Europe’s First Digital Wellbeing Event

Digital Mindfulness brings together the global digital wellness community, along with innovative brands, world-renown thought leaders and like-minded people to connect, share insights, and experience the very best the digital wellness industry has to offer.

Digital wellbeing is about recognising the power and pitfalls of technology; of the need to use it intentionally, to protect individual minds, relationships, the wider community, and humanity more generally.

Momentum is building.

This event is designed for anyone interested in the emerging Digital Wellbeing landscape, our relationship with technology, the evolution of ethical technology and the humane tech movement.  You might be working already in digital wellbeing, or maybe technology more generally, or you may just be an interested consumer and user of technology.

May 3: Keynotes from Global Digital Wellbeing Experts

Keynotes from some of the most influential digital wellness thought leaders. Gain insights into the biggest trends impacting global digital wellbeing, as well as inspiring advice and ideas from global thought leaders, innovative startups and some of the biggest companies in the world. Speakers on the day include:

  • Rohan Gunatillake: Mindfulness Everywhere
  • Rose La Prarie: Google
  • Nicholas Borsotto: Good Technology Collective
  • Amina Falzullah: Commonsense Media
  • James Williams: Time Well Spent, Oxford Digital Ethics Lab

May 4: Digital Wellness Workshops & Experiences

Experience various activities and workshops focused on digital wellbeing. Starting a business? Want information on managing screen time with your family? Want to experience technologies and apps to enhance wellbeing?

Our workshops, talks, and experiences will bring global digital wellness to you like never before. Connect with like-minded people and share in the best of global digital wellness. 

Session facilitators include:

  • Digital Wellness Collective
  • Mind Over Tech
  • Transformative Technology Lab

The Digital Wellness Festival will Tackle The Big Questions


  • Who should be responsible for digital wellbeing?
  • What business models exist to support the development of digital wellbeing?
  • What are the ground-breaking solutions in digital wellbeing?
  • What technologies will define digital wellbeing in 2019? Haptics? VR? AI? Mobile?

May 4: Workshops

Digital Wellness & Culture Change

Join the Digital Wellness Collective to learn how to use digital wellness frameworks to solve culture change challenges.

Positive Digital Habits

Join the Mind Over Tech team to learn how to develop positive digital habits and integrate them into your daily life.

Building a Digital Wellbeing Startup

Building a Digital Wellbeing Startup – Transformative Technology Lab and TrueNorth Network will share their unique insights with you on the skills and techniques required to build a successful digital wellness business.

Meet Our Speakers

Meet the speakers and other participants at the Digital Wellness Festival 2019.

Kai Tang

CEO, The Light Phone

Kai is the Co-Founder and CEO of Light. Kai’s award-winning designs and his company is leading a grass-roots revolution against our over-connected culture.
Light was born as a refreshing alternative to the tech monopolies that are fighting more and more aggressively for our time and attention.
Kai believes that the right tool can empower us to be our best selves and appreciate our lives more.

Since founded in 2014, Light has received more than 3000+ press coverages globally and The Light Phone has sold to 71 different countries. He has also received more than $10 million USD investment from investors and supporters globally.

Light Phone is a phone for humans and is designed to respect our time and attention. Business Insider and USA today calls it “a phone to cure our smartphone addiction”. Having shared The Light Phones with 12,000+ uses, the power of “going light” is proven to be profound and is inspiring a technology movement.

Rose La Prairie

Digital Wellbeing Manager, Google

Rose is Product Manager for Google Digital Wellbeing in London, UK.

Rohan Gunatillake

CEO, Mindfulness Everywhere

Rohan is one of the most original and creative voices in modern mindfulness and meditation. Through his company Mindfulness Everywhere he is the creator of Kara, Sleepfulness, Designing Mindfulness, and the best-selling hit app Buddhify. Rohan’s first book Modern Mindfulness is out now.

Georgie Powell

CEO, Space

Georgie Powell is the co-founder & CEO of Phone Life Balance Ltd, creators of SPACE, one of the original screen time apps. Her wake-up moment about her own phone habits was when she became a new mum, glued to social media and not feeling great about it. She started to notice the emotional triggers that were driving her to her phone and knew that once she understood these, her habits would be easier to change. She wanted to create SPACE to help millions of other people to find their phone/life balance.

Georgie is committed to a future where we use technology consciously to make the world a better place. She is a recognised thought leader in the future of tech, ethical tech and digital wellness and has consulted to a number of leading telecoms and technology companies on the growing digital wellbeing industry and the implications for their business.

A former graduate of Oxford University (Mphil) and Cambridge University (MA), she has built her career in media, telecoms and technology, first as a strategy consultant working across Europe and Asia, and prior to launching Phone Life Balance Ltd, working for Google, where she led YouTube’s content business in Australia.

Aidan Healy

co-Founder, Unplug

Aidan is co-founder of Unplug in Dublin

Rafael Calvo

Professor, Imperial College London & University of Sydney

Rafael A. Calvo, Ph.D. is Professor at the University of Sydney and ARC Future Fellow. Director of the Wellbeing Technology Lab and of the Software Engineering Group that focuses on the design of systems that support wellbeing in areas of mental health, medicine and education. Calvo was appointed a Future Fellow of the Australian Research Council to study the design of wellbeing-supportive technology.

A keen player in the push for more ethical technology design, Rafael is a member of the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, a part of the UN’s AI for Good Global Summit, and in 2019 will be joining the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence.

Jonathan Garner

CEO, Mind Over Tech

Jonathan combines a background of creativity and a passion for digital technologies, working as an independent designer & developer for the past 8 years. During the last 5, he has also designed and delivered talks and workshops demystifying technology to companies at a leadership level all around the world including ING, VISA, IBM, RBS and KPMG. Jonathan has also practiced meditation in the Buddhist tradition for around 15 years and is deeply curious and passionate about the interface between the human mind and the world around us. He founded Mind over Tech in 2018 in order to share this exploration in the hope that it can benefit others.

Dr Anthony Phillips

Managing Director & Founder of WellKom International

Anthony has over 30 years of international business experience with brands such as Nike, Kingfisher and DHL International. in roles of HR; change management;
business acquisition / integration; business improvement and development.
He is Managing Director and founder of WellKom International one of the first pioneers in both personal and organisation wellness developing solutions to simultaneously deliver Performance – Engagement – Wellness solutions. His mission is to gain the recognition that managing your personal wellness is a core life capability. To transfer elite sports know-how to everyday life and fuse it with life challenges such as financial wellness. That psychometrics can be used, as in other fields of human development, to enable insights into behaviour and make enable sustainable improvements.

To provide the why/root cause analysis to the increasing data being collected from devices and wearables as well as KPI data on performance/productivity costs like
absence, presenteeism, turnover of people and insurance claims. For national agencies, employers and insurers to deliver simultaneously on productivity, health, quality of life and life-long learning through a Whole Life – Whole Organisation approach where people are human beings, not human resources. To provide new insights based on fusing Health, HR and Business intelligence together.
With WellKom Anthony has gained a wealth of knowledge and insights from many implementations in all kinds of organisations as well as speaking and learning at
events the globe. WellKom has recently relaunched with a range of international leading brands to be able to widen access to it's proven, validated and guaranteed solutions so it makes a big difference.

Niraj Shah

Co-Chair, Europe, Transformative Technology Lab & Founder of Mind: Unlocked and TrueNorth Network

Transformative Technology Lab, a Silicon Valley-based non-profit, is the largest global community of entrepreneurs and innovators leveraging technology to raise mental health, emotional wellbeing and human thriving. Niraj is its Co-Chair for Europe, growing the TransTech community in Europe and beyond.

Niraj also founded and runs Mind: Unlocked, one of London’s leading in-person mental wellbeing communities and TrueNorth Network, which helps entrepreneurs shaping the wellbeing technology space to grow their businesses.

Professor Raian Ali

Professor in Computing

Raian is a Professor in Computing in the Department of Computing and Informatics, Bournemouth University, UK. Raian has a keen interest in studying Digital Addiction which he defines as a problematic usage of digital devices characterized by properties like being excessive, obsessive, compulsive, impulsive and hasty. He focuses on the principles, methods and tools needed to engineer addiction-aware technology able to combat, autonomously or semi-autonomously, addictive usage styles. As a social responsibility, he is advocating a policy change in the production of digital media so that it helps people to make informed decisions about their usage. He would also like to see more public awareness of the potential reasons and side-effects of the obsessive usage of technology, or at least encourage a user to make a software-supported self-assessment exercise around it.

Janice Taylor

CEO and Founder, Mazu

Janice Taylor is a social entrepreneur, mother, inspirational speaker, author, and online safety advocate.

She has a BA Honors in Behavioral Psychology, focusing on self-esteem and self-efficacy among women. It was from this research that she sought to create a solution to the issue of social media addiction and how it was affecting women, children, and families.

Her credo of compassion, community, and caring drives the vision of her company Mazu, a healthy, positive, and fun engagement platform for families, founded in love. Mazu gives children and parents a place to communicate and connect, creating the “digital family village” – the antidote to social media, that awakens families with love.

Digital Wellness Collective

California, United States of America

The Digital Wellness Collective is a collective of educators, mental health practitioners, software developers, social change organizations and champions of tech for good. DWC works collaboratively to enhance human relationships by supporting the intentional use and development of technology.

Nicholas Borsotto

Expert, Good Technology Collective

Nicholas Borsotto is one of the founding members and the Lead Economist of the Good Technology Collective.

Born and raised in Brazil but educated in Germany, Nicholas is an economist and technology enthusiast, who works mostly at the intersection of those two fields and society.

A fluent German, English and Portuguese speaker, he has previously worked with the UN and Bozano Investmentos in Brazil and in Europe with Brazilian diplomatic delegations and inside of the Berlin Startup scene. Earlier still he worked with Brazilian educational NGOs and founded an eco-friendly clothing company in Berlin.

Today Nicholas lends his skill primarily to the GTC, there he is in charge of partnerships and external projects, but is also very active in recruitment and editorial processes. He is an advisor to the Editorial Board of The New Normal (TNN) and a coordinator of

Simon Puleston Jones

CEO and Founder, WokenUp

Simon is CEO and Founder of WokenUp, the new global social network for nonprofits, companies and individuals who want to give back and make a difference. The platform is ethically designed and transparent, “Push” notifications will default to “off”, so it is not constantly bugging the user to engage.

Dr James Williams

co-Founder Time Well Spent, Associate Oxford Digital Ethics Lab

James Williams is a Research Associate at the Oxford Digital Ethics Lab. His research addresses the philosophy and ethics of attention and persuasion as they relate to technology design. In particular, he is interested in advancing the ways we can understand and protect user freedom in environments of highly persuasive design.

He is also a tutor in the Oxford Computer Science department and has helped teach the Internet Technology and Regulation postgraduate course at the OII.

Prior to this, he worked for over ten years at Google, where he received the Founders’ Award – the company’s highest honour – for his work on advertising products and tools. He holds a master’s in product design engineering from the University of Washington and as an undergraduate studied literature at Seattle Pacific University. He is also a co-founder of the Time Well Spent campaign, a project that aims to steer technology design towards having greater respect for users’ attention, goals and values.

James is a frequent speaker, consultant for companies and governments, and commentator on technology issues in the media. In addition to philosophy, ethics, and technology design, his interests include virtual/mixed reality systems, languages, space travel, and the work of James Joyce. His first computer was a TI-99/4A.

Jessica Warren

Co-Founder, TrueNorth Network

Jessica Warren is Co-Founder of TrueNorth Network, which helps entrepreneurs shaping the wellness technology space to accelerate their impact, performance and business growth. She is also Digital Director of Mind: Unlocked, one of London’s leading mental wellbeing communities, providing evidence-based courses and tools for people to optimise their mindset for modern life.

Jessica qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PwC’s corporate deals team and then went on to co-found an angel investment network for technology start-ups, during which time she advised a number of start-up founders. She is a trained Reiki master and meditation teacher, and is passionate about the profound positive impact better mental wellbeing can have on every aspect of our lives.

Peter Klein

CEO, Educated Change

In 2018 Peter Klein CEO of Educated Change had trained over 10,000 executives from the worlds largest companies to use Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook to influence, change hearts and minds and take advantage of social selling. The tools and process give an executive a 78% advantage over the average social network user.
Now he first helps them disconnect, then reconnect with intent and the advantage jumps to 150% when competing in the Attention Economy. His talk is about simple hacks, changes to your internal algorithms and the algorithms on your Phone and social networks to get the most from the attention economy.

Peter Klein's goal: Help people bring people's social network connections into real-world conversations

Crazy about Education Peter Klein and Educated Change run a Registered Charity; Educate Ethiopia, an International Charity that helps keep 21 schools open in Ethiopia, allowing 6000 children to stay in school and supported by Community Groups focused on Delivering Loving Change

Tim Kendall

CEO, Moment

Tim Kendall is the CEO of Moment, an app that helps adults and children use their phones in healthier ways. Tim is the former President of Pinterest — at various points, he led product development, engineering, marketing and sales. Prior to Pinterest, Tim was Facebook’s Director of Monetization, where he led the development of Facebook’s advertising business. Tim serves on the board of UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. He earned his engineering degree and MBA from Stanford University.

Ian Macrae

Director, Market Intelligence; Ofcom

Ian Macrae is Director of Market Intelligence at the UK's communications regulator, Ofcom. His team is responsible for collecting and reporting the evidence base on consumer and industry trends which Ofcom uses for its policymaking. Publications include Ofcom's annual Communications Market Report and Media Nations report. Ian has been at Ofcom for 12 years and was previously Consumer Policy Director. He has over 20 years working in the UK's media and communications sector, having previously worked for Three, Express Newspapers and Virgin Net.
Susan Reynolds

Susan Reynolds

Digital Wellness Collective, Educational Liaison

Susan has over 20 years of experience in academic technology and digital wellness. In 1997 Susan founded ABC Legacy: Atoms to Bits Children's Legacy which generated the Mindhood Movement, now committed to empowering teens and college students to join together to change their relationship to technology. She speaks, runs workshops and facilitates panels of professionals committed to shifting society from digital addiction to digital wellness. As a teacher whose passion has always been to inspire her students to become change agents, she hopes to empower the next generation to find and implement solutions to the detrimental aspects of the current attention economy. Her ultimate goal is to prevent some of the escalating mental health crisis on college campuses through digital wellness, mindfulness and the joy of finding purpose and meaning in real life. With a BA from Dartmouth College and a M.Ed from Tufts University, she continues to contribute to her alma mater by involving students, faculty and alumni in this mission.

Joanna Montgomery

Founder, Little Riot

Joanna is the founder of Little Riot, a company that creates human-centric technology products. After creating a viral internet sensation with the first product ‘Pillow Talk’, a device for connecting couples across distance, the company continues to explore ways for people to stay connected, but not distracted. With a background in interaction design, Joanna believes in a future that still cares about being human.

Gary Todd

CEO and Founder, Famiio

Gary Todd is a systems engineer, GovTech entrepreneur and polymath with broad public and private-sector experience.
He is passionate about social impact, responsible technology, open data and digital impartiality (disengaging information from ad revenue). He has sat on techUK's Local Public Services Committee for the past 18 months as a GovTech startup representative alongside AWS, Microsoft, SAP and Dell.
His company, Famiio, is developing a new Government marketplace to provide parents with flexible childcare and family services information. The ultimate goal is to empower families with increased choice across boundaries, removing digital stress and online limitations, and enabling access to services that can meet the unique needs and circumstances of each family so that they can easily take control of their own future.

Dr. Paul Marsden


Dr Paul Marsden is a chartered psychologist and runs, a site dedicated to summarising research into the effects of technology on human wellbeing. Working with designers and marketers, Paul applies the principles of positive psychology to help ensure that technology remains a benefit, rather than a hazard, to human wellbeing.

Vicki Shotbolt

CEO, Parent Zone

Founder and CEO of Parent Zone the experts in digital family life. Executive board member of the UK Council on Internet Safety, a fellow of RSA and co-chair of the UKCIS Digital Resilience Working Group.

Nicky Hemmings

Lead Psychologist, Biobeats

Nicky Hemmings is Lead Psychologist at BioBeats, responsible for ensuring that the science powering the preventative health technology is grounded in a responsible, ethical and research-based approach.

Prior to joining BioBeats, Nicky held a similar position as Lead Psychologist in a European based digital health startup. Previous to that Nicky brought a mix of research and practical approach in HR and Organizational Science at Aimia and Ocado Technology as well as taking on several consulting and advisory roles across the employee lifecycle.

Nicky Bridges the gap between academic research and business practice as Co-Founder of the Evidence-Based HR Forum, helping bring together HR professionals to support better decision making in the workplace through application of an evidence-based approach, and as Guest Lecturer at Cass Business School on Innovation, Creativity, and Leadership.

With Nicky's background in startups, technology and psychology, she has the perfect combination of expertise as BioBeats’ Lead Psychologist. Nicky flies the flag for ethical and evidence-based practice as well as increasing awareness of mental health in the workplace.

Dr. Anastasia Dedyukhina

Founder, Consciously Digital

Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina is a keynote and TEDx speaker, Huffington Post blogger and author of Homo Distractus. She got rid of her smartphone as well as her career in digital marketing when she realised how dependent she had become on her gadget. She eventually set up Consciously Digital, a London-based digital wellness consultancy that helps organisations and individuals develop a healthier relationship with technology. She is frequently quoted in the international press talking about tech-life balance and ethical tech design and has appeared in The Guardian, BBC, Metro, Channel 4 etc. and is a speaker at major tech conferences, including World Mobile Congress (Barcelona), Women of Silicon Roundabout (London), UX Cambridge and UX Manchester etc.

Tristan Harris

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Center for Humane Technology

Called the “closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience” by The Atlantic magazine, Tristan was the former Design Ethicist at Google. He is a world expert on how technology steers us all, leaving Google to engage the issue publicly. Tristan spent over a decade understanding subtle psychological forces, from his childhood as a magician to working with the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, to his role as CEO of Apture, which was acquired by Google. He has been featured on 60 Minutes, TED, The Atlantic, the PBS News Hour, and more. He has worked with major technology CEOs and briefed Heads of State and other political leaders.

Dr. Chris Burr

Oxford University

Dr Christopher Burr is a philosopher of cognitive science and artificial intelligence at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford. His research explores philosophical and ethical issues related to the opportunities and risks that digital technologies pose for human well-being.

Dr. Lawrence Ampofo

CEO & Founder Digital Mindfulness

Lawrence is the founder and CEO of Digital Mindfulness.

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