Digital Mindfulness Webinar

We live in a hyperconnected world where access to information is available at the click of a button 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have never had greater opportunity to access the information we want, to educate ourselves or to keep in contact with friends.

However, at the same time, digital distraction is rife, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), Internet addiction, cyberbullying, information overload, and technology-related anxiety are all widespread as we strive to combine the benefits of digital technologies while maintaining a quality of life that helps us stay happy, healthy and productive. Digital technologies which were created to make us smarter and more efficient often end up distracting us and affecting our well being.

In the Digital Mindfulness webinar, we’ll show you the five proven steps to developing a healthy, balanced and productive relationship with our digital devices and services that ultimately increase our capacity to live more creative, focused, healthier and productive lives.

The Digital Mindfulness webinar has been created to inspire you to discover and engage in the art and science of maximising the quality of our lives in the digital age.

  • The newest thinking, techniques and resources used by experts and professionals in the field of computer science, nutrition, neuroscience, contemplative community, psychology, emotional intelligence, performance enhancement and more.

  • How you can overcome digital distraction to enhance your personal and professional development.

  • Techniques and tools that you and your loved ones can use to develop a healthier and happier relationship with your digital devices

  • How you can improve the quality of your communication to improve your online and offline relationships

  • How you can maintain a sense of calm whilst being constantly connected

  • Plus much. much more.

This webinar will uncover how digital technologies can be used to simultaneously improve our well being while helping us develop greater focus, productivity and creativity and avoiding some of the negative effects of a constantly connected life.