The Corporate Digital Wellness Report explores the effects of digital on wellness in the corporate setting, and detailed data on the innovators that are developing digital solutions for workplace performance and wellbeing.

This monthly report highlights the key digital trends, wellness challenges and opportunities that business leaders and developers have to be aware of, covering topics from virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and wearables for wellness and performance in the workplace.

The research, conducted by Digital Mindfulness, is based on a sample of thousands of different data points from a range of data sources.

The following sections are regularly featured in the report:

  • Interviews with business leaders to understand the challenges of the modern digital worker
  • Corporate Digital Wellness Index: Benchmarking the performance of digital wellness brands
  • Spotlight on the future: Profiling the companies and innovators shaping the future of corporate digital wellbeing
  • Case Studies: In-depth profile of the actions of key companies and how they overcame their digital wellness challenges

Case Studies

Covering All the Inspiring Digital Wellness Stories

Digital Market Data

Statistics from millions of data points

Trends & Innovation

Keep up to date on the latest industry trends and innovation

April 2017

In this first issue, get the inside track from business leaders from world famous companies like LinkedIn, Zappos and The Guardian, as well as industry experts from the fields of technology, wellness, digital and more as they share insights on the current state of corporate digital wellness

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