About Digital Mindfulness

Digital Mindfulness is an independent and impartial organisation for the advancement of digital wellbeing

The fourth industrial revolution is here and digital experiences are more central to humanity than they ever have been. Where previously our digital experiences provided us opportunities for international commerce, political participation, connection and access to information, we now know that the quality of these interactions have a profound impact on human bodies and systems. 

In addition, health and wellbeing costs are predicted to increase significantly in the 2020s with mental health in particular costing the global economy $16 trillion by 2030. Current and emerging technologies are being applied to physical and mental wellbeing to help people maintain a good quality of life.

The most successful companies in the world realise that human and social wellbeing are essential to successful and lasting digital products. The intersection of digital and human wellbeing will shape the course of global digital transformation for years to come as the days of poor digital experiences that utilise duplicitous tactics such as dark patterns, algorithmic bias, and maximising time spent in digitised environments come to an end. 

In this age of human-focused digital environments, meaningful experiences that support digital wellbeing and human thriving are, in the eyes of users, of higher quality and will underpin the way they connect with each other and with businesses. 

Founded in 2013, Digital Mindfulness is an organisation for the advancement of digital wellbeing. Through a combination of international events, analysis, and strategic advisory, we work to support organisations and individuals through their journey of developing digital experiences that actively support your global digital wellbeing. Please see our services page for more information on how we can help you.

At Digital Mindfulness, we bring together hundreds of hours of insights on the emerging technologies and market movements impacting innovation in digital wellbeing. The Digital Mindfulness podcast features speakers from the likes of The Center for Humane Technology, Stanford University, the BBC, The Guardian, Oxford University, and more.

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