Podcast: The Good, The Bad, The Dirty

I was recently interviewed by Nathalie Nahai, The Web Psychologist on what Digital Mindfulness is, what the project is about and loads of other things. This podcast marks the start of something very special we have been working on here in the office and there will be a host of more interviews coming very soon to iTunes and Stitcher so stay tuned!

Find out more about Nathalie and Web Psychology by following this link.

During the podcast, you will learn:

  • About mindfulness and the machine
  • Whether software can be mindful or not
  • How some kinds of behaviours and addictions are engineered
  • Why the infinite scroll is so compelling
  • How sounds of a coffee shop promote focused states of mind
  • Why the idea for the Digital Mindfulness Project developed
  • How to mindfully harness technology to improve our lives
  • Why we are becoming aware of negative effects of technology on our wellbeing
  • Why Facebook worked with Pixar to create more engaging and expressive emojis
  • About the onus on the user and the engineer to create compelling but healthy applications
  • The subject of Lawrence’s new book and research on happiness vs. meaning
  • Cultural differences of happiness and how this applies to Internet use
  • Effects of being hyperconnected but feeling more disconnected

And much more!

If you enjoyed this podcast and want to say thanks or ask Lawrence a question, you can find him at @lampofo using the hashtag #goodbaddirty.

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Lawrence Ampofo

Lawrence Ampofo is a thought leader on the impact of digital technologies on humans and society. Lawrence is a political scientist, strategic communications expert, author, trainer and speaker who focuses on the impact of emerging digital technologies on the geopolitical system and global business.
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