Digital Mindfulness Podcast #9 Margaret Cahill: Blogging As A Spiritual Practice

Have you ever thought of blogging as a means to help to support and discover your spiritual side? In this very special episode, I speak with the author and publisher Margaret Cahill about how her commitment to her Blog became a spiritual practice and even helped to improve her physical health.


In this intimate and wide-ranging talk, you will discover how to:

  • Find your voice online
  • Help other people to find their voice
  • The importance of vulnerability
  • How to deal with trolls and online bullying

Resources mentioned in the show

Margaret Cahill’s Blog

MacMillan Cancer Support

American Cancer Society

Under Cover of Darkness: How I Blogged My Way Through Mantle Cell Lymphoma on Amazon



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Lawrence Ampofo

Lawrence Ampofo is a thought leader on the impact of digital technologies on humans and society. Lawrence is a political scientist, strategic communications expert, author, trainer and speaker who focuses on the impact of emerging digital technologies on the geopolitical system and global business.
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