Digital Mindfulness Podcast #13 Klint Finley: Mindful Cyborgs

By 29th July 2015Design

What does it mean to be a Mindful Cyborg? What are the effects of mindfully approaching digital experiences? In this episode, Klint Finley* joins us. A long-time writer for Wired Magazine, he is also one of the hosts of the popular podcast Mindful Cyborgs, which focuses on “mindfulness, cyborgs, contemplative computing, bio/lifehacking, quantified self netocracy and digital duality”.

In this fascinating episode, Klint talks candidly about his relationship to technology, how he started Mindful Cyborgs and what the future might hold for technological development and society.

*Please note that Klint no longer writes for TechCrunch.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The link between spirituality and computing
  • How meditation can be used to enhance our digital experiences
  • The importance of forming good habits
  • The role of virtual reality in making people and companies digitally mindful
  • Why we’re all Mindful Cyborgs really
  • The importance of authenticity when online


Resources mentioned in the show:

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