Welcome To Digital Mindfulness

We are devoted to helping businesses and individuals humanize digital transformation

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses and individuals humanize digital transformation in a constantly shifting digital landscape. We are a digital platform that helps individuals and companies thrive in this age of information overload and digital distraction.

Why Our Work Matters

Our interconnected digital world directly influences the quality of our lives, disrupting relationships, businesses and our wellbeing. Together we can create a bountiful present and future for people and businesses around the world by humanizing approaches to digital transformation.

What Is Digital Mindfulness

Digital Mindfulness is a platform for individuals and companies to develop next-generation approaches to digital transformation that elegantly blend digital approaches with unique human needs and qualities

What To Expect From Digital Mindfulness


Here are some of our key podcasts that are ‘required listening’ for anyone looking to get up to speed quickly on the issue of Digital Mindfulness: